The Bright Angel and Dark Companion of the 11th and 12th Houses

taught by Lynn Bell

Course Description

Astrological traditions about the 11th and 12 houses of the horoscope connect us with the Daimons, or guiding spirits, of these houses.

The good Daimon, agathos daimon, belongs to the 11th house, the most “fortunate” house of the chart. Here our Daimon infuses our experience of “luck” in the form of inspired encounters, genial ideas, and whispers of guidance that tell us when to take action and when to stay still. This bonus daimon calls out the best in our chart, and is revealed through the sign and planets of the 11th house.

The difficult Daimon of the 12th house, the kakos daimon, is much more ambivalent and often acts in mysterious ways, taking the soul along paths that can involve suffering, loss and pain, leading us to places we would rather not go.  The separation experienced here can result in feeling disconnected, separate,cast out.  The sign and planets here may have a psychological preference for solitude and retreat, an inner sense that often leads to the spiritual.

Join Lynn Bell for an experiential exploration of these two intriguing houses. The workshop begins with Lynn sharing key insights, looking at chart examples from her private practice as well as Joni Mitchell, Carl Jung and Donald Trump. Then Lynn works dynamically with the charts of several attendees, who also provide comments and respond to Lynn’s questions and revelations.

You won’t want to miss this rare opportunity to see a master astrologer at work with live audience members. And best of all, you’ll leave with a refreshed understanding of these mysterious house dynamics.

Includes over 9 hours of video workshop time plus option to download all audio and video files.


Lynn Bell

Senior Instructor

Lynn Bell is a Paris-based astrologer whose work spans multiple cultures as a speaker, teacher, author and consultant in astrology. The author of Planetary Threads and Cycles of Light, she is a popular lecturer and teaches at seminars and conferences around the world, including The Faculty of Astrological Studies, the LSA, the CPA, NORWAC and UAC. Outside the world of astrology, she has often collaborated with Caroline Myss at the CMED Institute. She has been part of the faculty of the New Chartres School in Chartres, France produced by Wisdom University.

Course Curriculum

  • Introduction
    • The “good” and “bad” daimon; the lots of fortune and spirit
  • Session 2
    • The daimonic as creative and/or destructive; Joni Mitchell’s chart
  • Session 3
    • The 12th house as bound and unbound; Virgo on the 12th cusp with Mercury ruling from the 5th
  • Session 4
    • Cancer on the 12th with Moon and Mercury in the 12th house
  • Session 5
    • 12th house daimon; Sri Aurobindo’s chart; Cancer on the 12th cusp
  • Session 6
    • Margaret’s chart (cont.) with Cancer on the 12th cusp and Pluto in the 12th
  • Session 7
    • The 11th house daimon; Carl Jung’s chart
  • Session 8
    • Carl Jung’s 12th house ruler in the 1st; Aries on the 11th with Mars in Leo trine Moon
  • Session 9
    • Leo on 11th House cusp; Donald Trump’s chart (part one)
  • Session 10
    • Trump’s chart (continued)
  • Session 11
    • Jupiter and Leo daimons; Libra daimons
  • Session 12
    • Libra daimon; Saturn and Pluto in the 11th
  • Session 13
    • Libra daimon; Pluto and Saturn in the 11th; Allen Ginsberg
  • Session 14
    • Ruler of the 11th house in opposition to the daimon; Saturn on the 11th cusp
  • Session 15
    • Libra on the 11th with Venus in Pisces; wisdom daimons; Cancer on the 12th with Mars in Cancer in the 12th
  • Session 16
    • Conclusion; Pisces 12th house with Mars Mercury and Sun in the 12th; closing meditation
"I love this course! I enjoy these longer format workshops... and always appreciate Lynn Bell's insights!"
by Nicole Quaid

“ When you don’t follow your nature there is a hole in the universe where you were supposed to be. 

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