Demetra George

Traveling to Sacred Sites for a Personal Connection to Astrological Archetypes

Demetra George and Alecs Garrett talk about their recent tour of sacred sites in Greece, where they held space for a group to explore the …

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Laurence Hillman

All the World’s a Play – A Conversation with Laurence Hillman

An interview between Ray Grasse and Laurence Hillman originally published in The Mountain Astrologer. Reprinted with permission. I first met Laurence Hillman when we were …

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Hadley Fitzgerald

The Intersection of Astrology and Psychology

In this episode, Hadley Fitzgerald, licensed therapist and astrologer, joins Tony Howard to talk about the intersection of astrology and psychology. Along the way they …

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Jessica Murray

Summit Interview – The Aquarius Threshold with Jessica Murray

Jessica Murray talks about her presentation for the 2020 Cycles of Change Summit, “Chaos into Clarity: The Aquarius Threshold”. Check out Jessica Murray’s talk Chaos …

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Melanie Reinhart

Summit Interview – Chariklo, Saturn and Pluto with Melanie Reinhart

Melanie Reinhart talks about her presentation on Chariklo’s configuration with Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn for the 2020 Cycles of Change and Renewal Summit. What …

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Summit Interview – The Heart of the Capricorn Stellium

Hadley Fitzgerald talks about her summit lecture “Seeing the Capricorn Stellium Through the Eyes of the Heart” at the 2020 Cycles of Change and Renewal …

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Kelly Surtees

Summit Interview – Jupiter Conjunct Saturn in 2020 with Kelly Surtees

Kelly Surtees talks about her summit presentation on the Grand Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn at the 2020 Cycles of Change and Renewal Summit. Check …

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Demetra George

Summit Interview – A War in the Heavens with Demetra George

In this interview, Demetra George talks about her summit lecture “A War in the Heavens” at the 2020 Cycles of Change and Renewal Summit. Explore …

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Frank Clifford

How much insight can astrology give into the future?

In this episode, Mark Jones and Frank Clifford join Tony Howard to talk about the pitfalls and potentials inherent in astrological forecasting. Can astrology give …

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“ When you don’t follow your nature there is a hole in the universe where you were supposed to be. 

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