The Astrological Houses from Traditional to Modern Perspectives

taught by Demetra George

Course Description

In this twelve-part series, Demetra George provides an in-depth discussion on each the twelve houses. In one of the most comprehensive teachings on the astrological houses, Demetra traces the meaning of each house from past to present, exploring traditional meanings while illuminating their evolving meaning through the present modern interpretations.
Over the course of twelve videos, we will:
  • Compare and contrast ancient and modern significations of each house.
  • Discover the underlying rationale that connects the various significations.
  • Learn the connection between the joys of the houses and the ancient names of each house.
  • Understand each house in terms of its relative dynamic angularity and fortunate/unfortunate classification.
  • See how benefic and malefic planets operate differently in each house, and how they either realize or obstruct the positive topics or prevent or activate the difficult expressions.
  • Determine the planet that rules the house in question and learn how to integrate that planet’s nature and location into your expanded interpretation of the house.
Approximately 19 hours. Includes video, audio and all slides. Recorded between 2013 and 2015.
Demetra George
Demetra George

Senior Instructor

Demetra George is a professional astrologer who received her Masters degree in Classics from the University of Oregon, where she was also an instructor. She has been active in astrology since 1971, and in 2002 she received the renowned Regulus Award in Theory and Understanding.

Specializing in archetypal mythology and ancient techniques, she is the author of several classic astrology books including Asteroid GoddessesAstrology for YourselfMysteries of the Dark MoonFinding Our Way through the Dark, and Astrology and the Authentic Self. Demetra lectures internationally and is currently translating a corpus of Hermetic medical astrological texts from ancient Greek.

Demetra offers instruction in all levels of astrological education: the fundamentals of interpretation, chart delineation, Hellenistic astrology, mythic asteroids, and ancient Greek for astrologers. She has taught the history of astrology at Kepler College and the University of Oregon, and lives in Eugene, Oregon.


“ When you don’t follow your nature there is a hole in the universe where you were supposed to be. 

Astrology is one of the most direct tools to self-inquiry. Why not start your inner journey today!

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