THE COSMIC EYE Monthly Forecast: Aquarius Season 2021

Aquarius podcast

Vanessa Montgomery and Tony Howard team up to discuss the hallmarks of the 2020-2021 Aquarius season. We cover the monthly Moons, headlining signatures: 6 planets in Aquarius, the square between Saturn and Uranus, plus opportunity signatures like Venus conjunct Jupiter.

We discuss classic Aquarians, books on our coffee table, then round out with key takeaways and a monthly mantra. Geek out on the Astro-tech-specs while combining them with the psychological humanistic side astrology offers, i.e. how this month’s energy could best be utilized with an eye on consciously navigating potential pitfalls.

Our featured non-profit this month is The National Center for Transgender Equality. Learn more about their mission and make a donation here:

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LOVE this podcast Tony! Vanessa is always so great, but what an absolute treat to hear more of your mind and research. I very much appreciate the new info and insights and kudos to the new section too! you really got my little wheels turning! thanks so much!

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