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Join Mary Plumb for a 90-minute webinar, Prince: A Life in Music.

In his obituary by music critic Jon Pareles, Prince is described as having “…the impossible, gymnastic virtuosity of mind, soul, and genitals..." Astrologers might recognize those words as touching on the Gemini Sun, Pisces Moon and Scorpio Ascendant of the late musical prodigy.

Synchronistically, a few days after the solar eclipse at 29° Leo (Prince's Midheaven degree), Mary looked at the personal and professional life of the charismatic (and polarizing) songwriter, musical virtuoso, activist and philanthropist.

Starting with the natal chart, Mary draws from traditional and modern techniques - midpoints, fixed stars, progressions, eclipses, transits, sect, and profections - in her presentation of Prince's life.

In 2016, shortly before he passed away, Prince said: “Welcome to the new story...we need a new one, because the old one doesn’t work anymore."

Get a rare glimpse into a full astrological interpretation by a masterful counseling astrologer.

Pre-recorded webinar available for instant download.

1 hr. 38 min. | includes video file, pdf slideshow and bonus audio recording of the webinar

Mary PlumbAbout Mary Plumb
An astrological counselor since 1985, Mary is also well-known as the Book Review and Web Editor for The Mountain Astrologer magazine since 1993. She has written numerous articles for The Mountain Astrologer and has a thriving counseling practice. Mary is also the long time president of the Southern Oregon chapter of NCGR, Astrology in Ashland.

Mary uses a dynamic combination of traditional and modern astrological techniques.

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