Transforming the Astrologer to Transform the World


Transforming the Astrologer to Transform the World 00227
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Self-labeling with astrology, i.e., "I have Venus square Pluto so my relationships are always difficult," is a trap that inhibits personal growth and reduces astrology's effectiveness as a tool for change. This workshop with the late Jeff Jawer gives listeners techniques for transcending these limits by exploding planetary symbolism, deconstructing natal charts and liberating astrology from its conservative roots so it can become a creative contributor to the next stage of human evolution rather than a remnant of the past.

Given late in his career, this workshop recording finds Jeff in rare form, giving passionate, sage advice to astrologers to improve and evolve the craft beyond that of limiting description or "accurate" prediction.

3 hrs. 27 min. | audio files

*Proceeds from the sale of this talk benefit Jeff Jawer's family.

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