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  • Back to the garden
  • Aquarius
  • Transitos del 2020
  • Pluto in Aquarius
  • Sacred Activism
  • Sale! Inner and Outer Planets
  • Staying on the Right Side of History: Preparing for the Transits of 2020
  • Webinar: Mars-Neptune Aspects
  • Jessica Murray 2020 transcript
  • Webinar: The Underworld of the Self - Pluto Transits to the Sun, Moon and Ascendant
  • Webinar: Working with Pluto
    Jessica Murray

    Working with Pluto

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  • Webinar: Working with Neptune
    Jessica Murray

    Working with Neptune

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  • Webinar: Understanding Uranus
    Jessica Murray

    Understanding Uranus

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  • Webinar: Understanding Saturn
    Jessica Murray

    Understanding Saturn

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  • Webinar: Transits to Natal Oppositions
    All Timing Techniques

    Transits to Natal Oppositions

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  • Sale! Webinar: The Saturn-Neptune Square

    The Saturn-Neptune Square

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  • Sale! The Saturn-Neptune Square (Audio Lecture)
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