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  • Saturn sq Uranus
  • Solar Returns
    Lynn Bell

    Solar Returns

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  • 7th House Shadowdancing
  • Alchemy of Relationships Part 3
  • Alchemy Part 2
  • Alchemy Relationships
  • Redirection Outer Planet Transits
  • Saturn Pluto Success
  • Saturn Pluto 2020
  • Sale! Astrology, Money and Psychology
  • Money alchemy webinar
  • Money Dreams
  • Money Fears webinar
  • Jupiter Square Neptune
  • money and astrology
  • Hephaestus Jupiter astrology
  • uranus enters taurus
  • 11th and 12th house Lynn Bell
  • Moon through the 12 houses
    Basics and Foundations

    An Intro to the Moon in the 12 Houses

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  • A Time for Spell-breaking: Unbinding Difficult Patterns
  • Webinar: Jupiter Opposite Uranus
  • The Moon in the 12 Houses - Audio
    Basics and Foundations

    The Moon in the 12 Houses – Audio

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  • Catching a Glimpse of Trickster Mercury
  • Webinar: Jupiter in Libra
  • Webinar: Saturn Square Neptune
  • The Planetary Joys: Illuminating the Houses
    General Chart Analysis Topics

    The Planetary Joys – Illuminating the Houses

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  • Body and Psyche: The Archetypal Language of Planets and Symptoms
  • Turning Lead Into Gold: Working with Planets in Detriment and Fall
  • Webinar: Saturn Aspects

    Saturn Aspects

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  • The Quincunx and the Yod: Tension and Breakout
  • Venus & Aphrodite: The Power of Love
  • The 12th House: Listening to the Daemon
  • Family Dynamics Workshop
    General Chart Analysis Topics

    Family Dynamics Workshop

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