The Capricorn Stellium of 1988 and 1989

young people on mountain

by Donna Cunningham

Every single child born on the planet in 1989 and in five months of 1988 had an extraordinary conjunction of Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune standing within 8-10° of one another in Capricorn. These rare triple conjunctions can be as much as 680 years apart. The two previous ones were in Virgo in 1307 and in Scorpio in 625 AD. Many people born in winter months of 1988-89 had the Sun, Mercury, or Venus in Capricorn as well—forming powerful stelliums of as many as seven planets. (Capricorn stelliums continued for several years of the 1990s without the triple conjunction.) There was a huge spike in the birth rate in 1989, with more children born in the U.S. than at any time since 1964. Therefore, the peak of the Uranus-Neptune-Saturn conjunction was also a peak in births. In the late 1980s, the world birth rate was the highest ever recorded, at about 138 million a year.

The triple conjunction doesn’t affect all areas of life equally. It’s focused on the areas of life described by the house of the astrology chart where the stellium is placed. To understand the triple conjunction, first analyze the three parts of it separately: the Saturn-Uranus conjunction, the Saturn-Neptune conjunction, and the Uranus-Neptune conjunction. Each of these conjunctions, made up of slow-moving planets, occurs many years apart.

  • Saturn-Uranus conjunctions are 45 years apart.
  • Saturn-Neptune conjunctions are 35-37 years apart.
  • Uranus-Neptune conjunctions are 172-3 years.

The Uranus-Neptune conjunction is especially rare. The previous conjunction, in the 1820s, produced many well-known geniuses. In 1988-1994, the two planets were conjunct within 8°—first in Sagittarius, then in Capricorn. Uranus entered Capricorn in 1988, and the conjunction continued the entire time those two planets were in Capricorn.

Donna wrote what is currently the only full-length book on stelliums, The Stellium Handbook. This e-book includes self-help tools designed to help make the best use of all the pieces of the combination. It’s written in language a beginner can understand.

Learn more about the growth potential for people with a Capricorn stellium in Hadley Fitzgerald’s webinar “Seeing the Capricorn Stellium Through the Eyes of the Heart“.

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