Demetra George

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  • 11th and 12th house astrology
  • Traditional Astrology 101
    Demetra George

    Traditional Astrology 101

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  • Using the Ephemeris
    Demetra George

    Using the Ephemeris

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  • Life Purpose in the Birth Chart
  • When Are the Malefics Bad and When Are They Good?
  • A Traditional Approach to the Topic of Relationships
  • Amazing Asteroid Tales
    Demetra George

    Amazing Asteroid Tales

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  • Annual Profections and the Solar Return Chart
  • Asteroids, Fate and Destiny
  • Beginner's Tutorial in Hellenistic Astrology
  • Planetary Joys
    Demetra George

    Planetary Joys

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  • Elements Polarities and Modalities
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