Demetra George

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  • The 7th House Webinar
    Demetra George

    The Seventh House Webinar

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  • The Twelfth House Webinar
  • 8th House Astrology webinar
    Demetra George

    The Eighth House Webinar

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  • Second House Webinar
  • Using the Ephemeris
    Basics and Foundations

    Using the Ephemeris

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  • Ceres, Pluto and the Nodes
  • The History of Astrology
    Demetra George

    The History of Astrology

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  • Third House Astrology
  • The Fifth House Webinar: Good Fortune
  • The Fourth House Webinar: Under the Earth
  • The Sixth House Webinar
  • First House Astrology
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