Kelly Surtees

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  • Chart Analysis: Brene Brown
    Chart Interpretation Intermediate and Advanced

    Chart Analysis – Brene Brown

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  • Unlocking Your Venus Aspects
  • Webinar: Your Progressed Sun - Journey to the Authentic Self
  • Webinar: Introduction to Predicting with Progressions
  • Webinar: Introduction to Relationship Astrology
  • The Ascendant: The Mask You Wear
    Basics and Foundations

    The Ascendant – The Mask You Wear

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  • Progressions and Rebirth
  • Chart Inquiry: Love & Career
    General Chart Analysis Topics

    Chart Inquiry – Love and Career

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  • How Lucky are You?: The 11th House of Good Spirit
  • Planetary Periods: Timing Life through Firdaria
  • Sale! Jupiter in Libra through the 12 Houses
  • Webinar: The Predictive Pot of Gold
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