Lynn Bell

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  • Master, Slave, Servant: Where Do We Lose Control?
  • Neptune in Pisces - The Big Wave
  • Oppositions: Does the Full Moon Keep You Awake at Night?
  • Planets in Exile and Fall
    General Chart Analysis Topics

    Planets in Exile and Fall

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  • Family Dynamics Workshop
    General Chart Analysis Topics

    Family Dynamics Workshop

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  • The Moon in the 12 Houses - Audio
  • The Planetary Joys: Illuminating the Houses
    General Chart Analysis Topics

    The Planetary Joys – Illuminating the Houses

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  • Turning Lead Into Gold: Working with Planets in Detriment and Fall
  • Webinar: Saturn Square Neptune
  • The 12th House: Listening to the Daemon
  • The Quincunx and the Yod: Tension and Breakout
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