Robert Blaschke

The late Robert Blaschke was one of the most well-loved astrology teachers in recent history. He authored several classic books and taught regularly. Astrology University is proud to offer his recording archives here, which stand the test of time. His foundation course is one of the best introductions to astrology out there.

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  • beginning astrology
  • The Lunar Nodes
  • Jupiter and Saturn
  • The Jupiter/Saturn Grand Conjunction
  • The Spiritual Dimension of the Ascendant
  • Secondary Progressions
  • The Sabian Sybmols
  • Intro to Electional Astrology
    General Chart Analysis Topics

    Intro to Electional Astrology

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  • Holographic Transits
    Robert Blaschke

    Holographic Transits

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  • Mundane Astrology Workshop
    General Chart Analysis Topics

    Mundane Astrology Workshop

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  • Intermediate Astrology: A Language of Life
  • Sabian Aspect Orbs
    General Chart Analysis Topics

    Sabian Aspect Orbs

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