The Basics

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  • Cancer Astrology
  • Gemini webinar
  • Intro to Astrological Symbols

    Intro to Astrological Symbols

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  • Putting a planet in a sign and house
    General Chart Analysis Topics

    Putting a Planet in a Sign and House

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  • House Rulerhship
  • The Ascendant Lord
  • Elements Astrology
  • The Inner Planets Course

    The Inner Planets Course

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  • Sun and Moon Astrology course
  • Outer Planets Astrology Course
  • Jupiter and Saturn in Astrology
  • Moon through the 12 houses
  • beginning astrology
  • Mercury through the 12 Signs
  • Libra in Myth and Psyche
  • Webinar: Scorpio in Myth and Psyche
  • Webinar: Pisces in Myth and Psyche
  • Virgo in Myth and Psyche
  • Webinar: Leo and the Solar Field
  • Webinar: Capricorn in Myth and Psyche
  • Air element symbols
  • The Astrological Fire symbols
  • The Water Symbols: Nurturing the Roots
  • Earth Element Symbols: The Solid, Practical and Real
  • Traditional Astrology 101
    Demetra George

    Traditional Astrology 101

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  • Using the Ephemeris
    Demetra George

    Using the Ephemeris

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  • The Mysteries of Venus
  • Moon through the 12 signs
  • The Spiritual Dimension of the Ascendant
  • Elements Polarities and Modalities
  • The Ascendant: The Mask You Wear
  • Webinar: Challenging Mars
  • The Signs of the Zodiac
  • Audio: Intro to Planetary Rulership
  • Webinar: Intro to Planetary Rulership
  • Introduction to Evolutionary Astrology Course - Audio Set
  • Mercury Double Take
    Demetra George

    Mercury Double Take

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  • The Moon in the 12 Houses - Audio
  • Intermediate Astrology: A Language of Life
  • Webinar: The Ruler of Your Sun Sign
    Christopher Renstrom

    The Ruler of Your Sun Sign

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  • Transcript - Love's Three Faces (pdf)
    Books and Transcripts

    Transcript – Love’s Three Faces

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  • Venus through the 12 Signs
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