Chart Interpretation 1:
The Power of the Planets

Online Course with Kelly Surtees

Course Description

Discover the 10 Planets in Astrology and Explore the Power and Potential in Your Birth Chart

In this four part training you’ll learn the meaning of the 10 planets: the Sun and Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn as well as the modern planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

You’ll discover the qualities and characteristics of each planet and explore how they influence your chart and life experiences.

As you practice interpreting the planets in the signs and in the houses, you’ll get to know more about yourself. You’ll learn to use the planets as rulers of the houses, and see how to link different life topics together to see which areas of your life support the others. You’ll also discover how to identify which topics and areas of life are most important for you.

The planets in astrology reveal your passions and motivations, what your priorities are and where some of your blocks or fears might lie. As you discover the placement of each planet in your chart, you’ll gain clarity about areas of tension and topics of ease and satisfaction.

You’ll also learn methods for determining planetary strength and begin to assess the quality and condition of the planets in a birth chart.

This training program includes four video classes, supplementary reading, homework and self reflection exercises to help you integrate the knowledge. You’ll deepen your understanding of the planets and begin to put together some basic birth chart interpretations.

Level: Beginner

You’ll get:

  • all video and audio recordings
  • homework and reading assignments reviewed by Kelly
  • handouts and reading materials
  • your online access to course lessons doesn’t expire
  • online course platform tracks your progress through the lessons so when you login, you can jump in where you left off
  • online course discussion area
  • Four 90-minute classes 
Bonus: You’ll receive access to the previous 2018 course materials in addition to new 2020 classes 

Prerecorded for instant download



Kelly Surtees
Kelly Surtees

Senior Instructor

Kelly Surtees is a counselling astrologer and writer who splits her time between Sydney, Australia and Toronto, Canada. She is an inspiring teacher, who loves to share astrology with students and clients. With more than 15 years in private practice, Kelly is experienced, warm, friendly and insightful.

Kelly’s passion for astrology is infectious, and her intention with every course is to help students like you deepen their understanding of astrology. Past students of Kelly’s are using astrology to help others around the world.

Kelly teaches with a traditional focus, grounding ancient philosophy into modern life. You’ll learn how to express the language of the sky clearly and with purpose. Kelly’s insight and knowledge is matched by her skill as a clear, accessible teacher. You’ll have fun, learn and grow as a person by studying with Kelly.

Rave Reviews

“Kelly explains well enough for astrology beginners...on up . I recommend this class!!! I hope you enjoy it too. Looking forward to future teachings by Kelly Surtees!”
– Theresa T.
“I love Kelly's lectures. She is so easy to understand and her lectures are always a learning experience. She is for all levels of Astrologers! Simply the best!”
– Pamela M.
“Kelly always breaks information down in a very understandable way. I learn so much every time I listen to her. I highly recommend that everyone take at least one class from her.”
– Nancy T.
"Kelly's knowledge is deep, of course, plus she describes the potential effects of the stellar motions in a real person's life with relatable style and grace. Always the best."
– Bette F.

“ When you don’t follow your nature there is a hole in the universe where you were supposed to be. ”


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