Chart Interpretation Course: Aspects, Action, Motivation

with Kelly Surtees

Course Description

This online astrology class with Kelly Surtees explores the five original and most important aspects. You will learn what aspects are and how to use them for accurate chart interpretation. You’ll discover how to prioritize aspects and how to be specific with interpretations and insights.

Learn what makes an aspect and most importantly, how to use aspects in natal chart interpretation. Aspects are the heart of all astrological chart work. Once you master aspects you’ll find it easier to do predictive astrology, love/relationship and health astrology – and any other kind of astrology.

Learn the 5 main aspects and discover the best ways to interpret them.

You’ll have the chance to practice identifying and interpreting aspects, which will help you better understand the planets and how they interact. Personality dynamics are revealed as you dive into the world of aspects. Kelly will also present a simple and effective system for picking out the most important aspects in any chart. Course includes video downloads, audio and all handouts and homework assignments. Bonus: You’ll receive access to the previous 2018 course materials in addition to new classes as they are released.

Prerecorded and available for instant access! 
Includes 4 lessons 90-minutes each plus reading and homework assignments.

Here’s what people are saying… 

“You are a remarkable teacher and it comes from solid and broad understanding of the tools and history of your profession. It’s quite another matter to have the capacity to put your knowledge into terms that others can understand and use. You certainly do have that gift as well. Looking forward to the next class.”
– Donna from Austin, TX

Kelly Surtees
Kelly Surtees

Senior Instructor

Kelly Surtees

Rave Reviews

"Loved this class! I feel like I learned a lot. Lots of great information. I will definitely take more of Kelly's classes. Thank you."
– Jennifer Jones-Day
"Very informative. Kelly is an incredible teacher! I really enjoyed this course!"
– Tanya Hughes

“ When you don’t follow your nature there is a hole in the universe where you were supposed to be. ”


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