Chart Interpretation: Personality, Moon Phase and Aspect Patterns

taught by Kelly Surtees

Course Description

Astrology Chart Interpretation: Moon Phases, Personality and Special Chart Configurations

Join Kelly for the final course in her Chart Interpretation Series.

During this 4-module online course, you’ll learn how the eight Moon phases influence personality. The Moon phase adds a subtle but profound layer of information to the chart, describing the amount of vitality, drive and insight available as a personal resource. The Moon phase can also provide clues to health, wellness and fertility matters, along with insights about abundance and access to “fortune.”

Next we look at special chart configurations to understand some of the unique chart patterns you may see in practice and the unique challenges and gifts they signify.

Available for instant viewing and download. Includes access to online discussion area.

7 hours of video class time plus audio and video downloads, all handouts, slides and homework assignments.

Plus this Bonus! Includes the video “How to Structure an Astrology Consultation.”

In this hour-long bonus video, Chris Brennan interviews Kelly about all the ins and outs of running a client-based astrology business. Kelly discusses practical matters like:

  • prep time for a consult
  • what and how much info to cover depending on the length of the session
  • scheduling and booking tips
  • the differences between in-person and online consults
  • the importance of providing a recording
  • how doing chart consults will actually teach you many of the nuances of astrology that would be impossible to learn from a book
Kelly Surtees

Senior Instructor

Kelly Surtees is a counselling astrologer and writer who splits her time between Sydney, Australia and Toronto, Canada. She is an inspiring teacher, who loves to share astrology with students and clients. With more than 15 years in private practice, Kelly is experienced, warm, friendly and insightful.
Kelly’s passion for astrology is infectious, and her intention with every course is to help you deepen your understanding of astrology so that you can use it to improve your life as well as help those whose charts you interpret.
Past students of Kelly’s are using astrology to help others around the world. Kelly teaches with a traditional focus, grounding ancient philosophy into modern life. You’ll learn how to express the language of the sky clearly and with purpose. Kelly’s insight and knowledge is matched by her skill as a clear, accessible teacher. You’ll have fun, learn and grow as a person by studying with Kelly.

Course Curriculum

  • Session 1: Moon Phases
    • Session 1 Presentation
    • Session 1 Reading
    • Session 1 Homework
  • Session 2: Aspects: Easy or Hard?
    • Session 2 Presentation
    • Session 2 Reading
    • Session 2 Homework
    • Session 2 Discussion
  • Session 3: Fixed Stars Introduction
    • Session 3 Presentation
    • Session 3 Reading
    • Session 3 Homework
    • Session 3 Discussion
  • Session 4: Putting it All Together
    • Session 4 Presentation
    • Session 4 Final Project
  • Bonus Video
    • How to Structure an Astrology Consultation
"Kelly certainly has the knack of teaching Astrology, and in this case Chart Interpretation, in a methodical and understandable way. The subject is complicated and requires focus, and with Kelly's presentation and her valuable knowledge shared, this course has been thoroughly enjoyable. It was evenly paced with plenty of opportunity to ask questions, which she willingly answers with thoughtful consideration. I have attended several Webinars with her through Astrology University and will continue to do so. I also appreciate that Kelly, very kindly, considers doing her LIVE classes at a time of day (in her location) that is compatible with the time of day in Australia. Thank you Kelly for your thoughtfulness so we can take the opportunity to attend your courses live. The interaction is great and the 'real time' experience is welcomed."
by Nadia Marcinkowski

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Astrology is one of the most direct tools to self-inquiry. Why not start your inner journey today!

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