Jupiter in Capricorn Meets Pholus


By Melanie Reinhart

The first aspect Jupiter makes after entering Capricorn on December 3, 2019, is a single conjunction with centaur object Pholus. The process of Pholus by transit is neatly encapsulated by the phrase “the lid comes off.” It’s not difficult to see how, during the last few Uber-Sagittarian decades, billions of people have fallen foul of excess, greed and over-extension – these vices often being deliberately cultivated and exploited for the sake of commercial profit. So now the lid has been coming off in all kinds of ways! Energy releasing into manifestation? Ancestral connections becoming conscious? Claiming author-ity in our lives?

With Jupiter coming under the yoke of Saturn as it enters Capricorn, there will be periods during 2020 when we’ll find no fewer than EIGHT points in Capricorn (including Pholus and Chariklo, plus the South Node). Therefore Saturn will frequently show up as the final dispositor, revealing consequences and having us deal with them . . . perhaps . . . collectively and individually.

The second aspect made by Jupiter is a square to Chiron in Aries during the first and second week of December. Here are a few topics that might present us with:

  • The grounding of hope (or despair) for the future into action in the present?
  • The wise acceptance of limits, so that focus and vitality can be restored?
  • Release from aggression/blame through sober, deeper understanding?

In the esoteric symbolism, the arrow of Sagittarius points downwards, as if all the upward striving, aspiration and longing returns Home, to Earth, the esoteric ruler of Sagittarius. How might this theme sit within our own personal lives? Will we ‘crash’? Or have a soft landing? 

We’ll be returning to this Jupiter-Saturn motif frequently – individually and collectively – as their conjunction occurs on 21 December 2020.

In the ancient Greek creation myths according to Hesiod, we see Uranus overthrown by his son Kronos (Saturn), who in turn is overthrown by his son Zeus (Jupiter). How might this be expressed as Jupiter makes conjunctions through 2020 with all the planets in Capricorn?

Let us quietly hold fast to the positive qualities of Jupiter, ‘fallen’ though he is by domicile. While outer expansion might be limited, let us care-take the precious inner expansion that this time offers.

Click here for a downloadable list of Jupiter’s conjunctions in Capricorn.

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