The Lunar Nodes 101

with Mark Jones

Course Description

In this course youll be introduced to the lunar nodes from an evolutionary and humanistic perspective. Mark Jones will share his technique for interpreting the nodes of the Moon derived from the teachings of Dane Rudhyar in conjunction with insights gained from his years of work counseling others.

The nodes can be approached as a doorway to understanding our deepest life purpose in the context of a therapeutic emphasis on personal transformation.

Mark will present the core method and specific applications of the technique including:

  • The difference between the North and South Node
  • How to analyze the rulers of the nodes
  • How to interpret planets in aspect to the nodes generally
  • How the North and South Nodes can work together

Required Text: Healing the Soul by Mark Jones

Live Dates 2021: June 2 to 27, 2021
$295 (audit) / $350 (certification-track*)
Includes live classes on Wednesdays at 9am Pacific Time and live Q&A sessions on Sundays at 9am Pacific Time. All sessions are recorded and available to view with lifetime access.
*Certification track includes feedback on homework and exams.

This course is available for instant viewing and access after the live dates. You may register at any time.

Mark Jones astrologer
Mark Jones

Senior Instructor

Mark Jones is an astrologer, psychosynthesis therapist and author based in Bristol, England. Mark is a regular speaker and workshop leader in North America, Europe and Australia.

His first book Healing the Soul: Pluto, Uranus and the Lunar Nodes is an excellent introduction to his work as an evolutionary astrologer. His second book The Soul Speaks: The Therapeutic Potential of Astrology, explores the transformative power of the natal chart reading while offering invaluable counseling skills to astrologers.

Students love working with Mark because of his spiritual approach, his humor, warmth, and depth. Mark works with clients around the world via Skype.

Rave Reviews

"Mark's approach to going deep into the chart, his analytical layering of possible trauma signatures around the destiny line really helps into understanding how astrology, taken not as a literal truth of a person but as a symbolic window of deeper dynamics, can help a person go into the heart of whatever is preventing them from effective, and if one may say so, spiritual self-actualization. Definitely recommended!"
– Ravel Sanjur
“In The Destiny Line, Mark Jones holds the planets and symbols of astrology to a deeply rich level of interpretation, mapping Uranus onto the mental energy field of the soul and using the Nodal Axis as a multi-layered set of doorways to liberation (instead of a conceptual hall of mirrors). Jones is not afraid to ask the hard questions, such as probing the subtle differences between crisis and transformation. Jones' overall approach, that healing and changing = rebalancing the magnetic field of consciousness, is deeply inspiring and comes across in a very powerful way. Powerful material.”
– Dylan Perese

“ When you don’t follow your nature there is a hole in the universe where you were supposed to be. ”


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