Making the Most of Mars Retrograde 2020


Pay special attention to the key dates below, when the energy can shift or trigger an event or inner process.

KEY DATES 2020/2021
● June 28, 2020: Mars enters Aries
● July 25: Mars enters shadow period 15° Aries
● August 24: Mars in Aries square Saturn Capricorn 26°
● September 10: Mars stations retrograde 28° Aries
● September 28: Mars in Aries square Saturn Capricorn 25°
● September 29: Saturn direct at 25° Capricorn
● October 13: Sun opposite Mars 20° Aries
● November 14: Mars stations direct at 15° Aries
● December 10: Sun in Sagittarius trine Mars at 19° Aries
● January 3, 2021: Mars shadow ends at 28° Aries
● January 7, 2021: Mars enters Taurus
● January 13, 2021: Mars in Taurus square Saturn in Aquarius

When Mars changes signs , there is a shift in the quality of energy. When Mars stations (retrograde or direct) there is an intensification of Mars energy.

The Sun-Mars aspects during and after the retrograde cycle can signal key turning points or events that move the story along.

Tips for Mars retrograde in Aries
● Devote time to your physical activity (but be careful not to overdo it).
● Re-evaluate or think about your ego-based desires and wants, what drives you, what gets you out of bed.
● Become a formidable adversary, take a self-defense class, invest in your defensive skills.
● “Just do it.” After the retrograde cycle, and before Mars moves into Taurus in 2021, it’s time for action. Use the retrograde to get in touch with what you really want. What do you want to go for?
● Set a boundary. You may become aware of the need to establish boundary due to a challenge, frustration or conflict. If it feels hard to do, you’re right on track. Setting a boundary could lead to the freedom you need to move forward in clarity.
● If you’re engaged in a conflict, trust your instincts. Is this a fight you need to win? Or would it be better to save your energy for a more important battle of wills? Are you just trying to win for the sake of winning, or do you really want this?
● Before you “wield the sword” to cut ties, make sure you’re in touch with your true desires. Impulsive actions can get you in trouble, especially if you’re out of touch with your instincts, and just lashing out in anger.
● You get bonus time to test out your instincts right now. By the time Mars goes direct, be ready to take action.

Tips for Mars Square Saturn During Mars Retrograde
● Be patient. If you’re spinning your wheels, the best wisdom might be to just wait a bit until the aspect clears and you’ll be able to move forward more easily. There may be a gift in waiting even if it feels frustrating in the moment.
● How bad do you want this? If you’re feeling blocked, you may need this time to rethink your plan. OR you may need to address some of the worst-case scenarios you haven’t planned for.
● If you’re feeling angry and hot, back down. Pushing ahead might just “strip your gears”. If you’re driving a car and it gets stuck in the sand, the worst thing you can do is hit the gas. You’ll need to get strategic to get unstuck. Take your time with this.
● If your fears are getting the best of you, you may need to tap into some courage. First get in touch with your real desires and instincts, and use that fire to face your fears. Courage isn’t won easily. Courage is feeling afraid and moving forward anyway, but only when you know it’s the right thing to do.

Tips for the Sun-Mars opposition
(October 13)
● If things feel like they’re coming to a head or you feel like you’ve reached an impasse, take some deep breaths. There’s still hope for a shift or a solution. You might need to cut ties or instigate a separation. But give yourself some time to cool off first.
● Let any anger or frustration serve as a clue to help you get clear about what you really want.
● Know that if you choose to engage in conflict, you might be facing a formidable and savvy adversary who is just as invested as you are in winning. Ask yourself, “Is this the best time for a fight? Can I win this one?” And more importantly, “Do I even want to?”
● Are you playing the hothead to your opponent’s devil’s advocate who has a deflection for every idea you have – or vice versa? Can you see how these styles are feeding into each other’s frustration?
● Compromise might not feel like an option right now. Maybe a delay is the best plan. If nothing feels right, wait it out. If all goes well, a solution may come to mind by the time of the Sun-Mars trine (December 10).

Tips for the post-retrograde Sun-Mars Trine
(December 10)
● If you’ve worked the Mars retrograde cycle well, you are now much more clear about what your plan is. It’s time to take some steps to put it in action.
● Launch!*
● Full steam ahead!*
● Notice your energy. Do you feel more energized? More physical vitality? If so, make use of it.
● The Sun is in Sagittarius while Mars is in Aries. Ask yourself, what am I excited about? What adventure do I want to have? What do I want to explore? What new terrain can I traverse?

*Jupiter and Saturn change signs December 18 and 20. If you have big plans to launch, you might want to wait just a few more days –
until after December 20 – to capitalize on this momentous energy shift into the next “new era”.

Want to explore this Mars Retrograde cycle in more depth? Check out Tony’s webinar Mars Retrograde 2020

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