Mars Out of Bounds 2021

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In this “podcast swap” episode from Ghost of a Podcast, Jessica Lanyadoo interviews Tony about Mars out of bounds in 2021. We talk about Mars in the US Sibly chart, the current eruption of gun violence, and how to spot an out of bounds planet in your natal chart.

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Anne Muth

This was very clear and helpful info. Thank you both! Also want to make you aware of a relatively new podcast that might support your positive natures about new changes happening in law enforcement, at least in some places: is hosted by two younger women police officers in the Seattle Police Dept. Their focus is on developing leadership in law enforcement and connecting with people in the neighborhoods they serve. Their interviews of law enforcement personnel at various levels bring new insights and awareness to the field. Check it out!


Hi Tony, this is GREAT! thank you so much.
… also have to ask permission to quote you going forward. You said :
The answers that you have inside of yourself are going to be way better than the ones I can try to guess for you.
Seems like common sense, but we’re all so trained to give our power away. I’d love to give that bullet to the folks I work with!
Mmmm and thanks to for the introduction to Jessica Lanyadoo’s podcast. She has a really beautiful heart and ain’t no dummy neither!
Astrology University GO-GO-GO!

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