The Moon in the 12 Houses

Understanding the Moon in the birth chart from the psychological perspective. | taught by Lynn Bell

Course Description

Lynn Bell takes you on a tour of the Moon through the twelve houses from a psychological astrology perspective. In this easy-to-digest class, you’ll be introduced to the emotional impact, drives and desires of the Moon. Lynn shares examples for the placement of the Moon each of the twelve houses.

This class also includes introductory thoughts about the meaning when the Moon is the ruler of a house.

1 hr. 4 min. of streaming video. Includes option to download or watch online.

Includes video, audio and written transcript.

Lynn Bell

Senior Instructor

Lynn Bell is a Paris-based astrologer whose work spans multiple cultures as a speaker, teacher, author and consultant in astrology. The author of Planetary Threads and Cycles of Light, she is a popular lecturer and teaches at seminars and conferences around the world, including The Faculty of Astrological Studies, the LSA, the CPA, NORWAC and UAC. Outside the world of astrology, she has often collaborated with Caroline Myss at the CMED Institute. She has been part of the faculty of the New Chartres School in Chartres, France produced by Wisdom University.

rave reviews

"No matter how much astrology you know, you always learn something listening to Lynn Bell. "
by Wendy G.
"Very easy to understand and great example charts. Can’t wait for the next one."
by Deborah
"Lynn Bell never fails to deliver in her astrology webinars. She somehow manages to make the digital online experience personal. Her astrology is both sophisticated and accessible."
by Gary S.
"I can listen to this over & over. Excellent teacher and lecturer. Lynn teaches with illustrations and story and is layered."
by Signee S.

“ When you don’t follow your nature there is a hole in the universe where you were supposed to be. 

Astrology is one of the most direct tools to self-inquiry. Why not start your inner journey today!

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