Moon Talk


By Melanie Reinhart

During these times of collective instability, turmoil, and insecurity, and in addition to learning ‘the wisdom of unknowing’, it makes sense to honour that which is ‘up close and personal’, knowable, and reliable. In astrological terms, this brings to mind the Moon’s cycle.  We actually live on a binary system – the Earth-Moon – and every couple of weeks there is a lunation – a New Moon or a Full Moon.

Our life on Earth is intimately connected with the rhythmic tides of this relationship, and attuning with it offers comfort, wisdom, and support for our daily lives. In ancient times, the Earth was called the sub-lunary world … ‘under’ the Moon. Indeed, this describes well the intimate connection between our experience of Earthly life and the relationship between the Sun and the Moon, the primary lights (as distinct from planets).

Attuning means more than just knowing the dates on which the lunations occur. It can be a beautiful ongoing ritual communication between intellect and experience. We are invited to allow all of our experience into loving awareness as we sense the flow of change, even during periods when we may feel stuck with difficult decisions, confronted by intractable situations, or undergoing painful or ‘fated’ changes we are not in control of. “All of it!” might be the slogan for Moon awareness – from the deepest  darkness to the most luminous light.

We experience this every 24 hours, as day is followed by night, which in turn gives way to another day, then another night. And we experience this throughout every lunar month, too. The Moon’s shape changes each night, as well as its rising and setting times. As it waxes, the Moon rises later and later every night until its light is no longer visible as we enter the dark of the Moon, awaiting the New Moon. This is the time when more stars are visible.

Afterwards, this night-darkness persists for another couple of days, until … a miracle! The thin silver sliver of the new crescent Moon appears briefy in the western sky, just after sunset. The intensity of its light sometimes reveals in the darkness the remaining unilluminated surface of the Earth – perhaps hinting at what is coming into being over the next couple of weeks until eventually its entire roundness shines briliantly, fully reflecting the light of the Sun.

So, for Earthings (all of us!), our personal lives are cocooned by this cosmic dance, the great interweavings of ‘the opposites’, the primary lights, representing the yin and yang, the duality which proceeds from the oneness sought by mystics down the ages. And this is reflected in the capacity of the human heart to acknowledge, bear with, and hold the many opposites we experience. In the name of love we live in this eternal unfolding.

Imagine for a moment what a different world it would be if we lived by truly and consciously honouring this cycle, which we live embedded in anyway, with or without awareness of it! There are still places on Earth where this happens, where every lunation is celebrated with ceremonies. But we can easily do this for ourselves, alone or with others who resonate with this kind of awareness, regardless of the prevailing world-view of ‘secular fundamentalism’!

We are still in the time of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction, witnessing the breaking down of worldly and societal structures. Something both potentially de-stabilising and heavy-going for all of us. The good news, however, is that our vulnerability in this situation also sensitises us to the energies of the cosmic rhythms which we live amongst and are part of. And the most proximate of these, of course, is the Moon’s circle of protection, woven regularly around the Earth like a cocoon from which we alternately emerge and to which we re-enter, cyclically, every lunar month.

“Though my soul may set in darkness,

it will rise in perfect light.

I have loved the stars too fondly

to be fearful of the night.”

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