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Q. When can I enroll?
A. You have two options: 
You can enroll in each course individually in year one and begin anytime. You may work through the courses in order, or select only those you’re interested in. (Please note that if you choose this option we cannot apply our special bundle pricing and registration retroactively.)
– You can join open registration during the summer and take the courses in order with a new cohort of students.

Q. Do I have to take every course in the four year program?
A. No, you only have to take every course if you plan to go for certification through AU.

Q. What is the difference between the certification option and the audit option for courses?
A. Certification-track students will receive feedback on homework and an exam review. Audit students receive the same study materials and videos but do not receive personal feedback on their work.

Q. I’ve been studying astrology for a long time and I’m only interested in a few of your courses. Is it ok to take only the courses I’m interested in?
A. Yes. All of the courses can be taken “a la carte”. 

Testing out of courses

Q. Can I test out of any of your courses in the four year program?
A. You can test out of the first two courses. 

Q. How do I test out of the first two courses?
A. Test out for course 1: If you’ve been studying astrology for over a year, you may attempt to test out of this course. Order the test here.  Test our for course 2: TEST OUT OPTION: If you’ve been studying astrology for over a year, you may attempt to test out of this course. Order the test here.

Q. How much does it cost to test out of the first two courses
A. It is $25 per course. 


Q. How much is it for the annual tuition for the four year program?
A. Individual Course Pricing: $295 (audit) / $350 (certification track). Bundle Pricing (all 9 courses in a year):  $2797 (certification-track option – pay in full or 10 payments of $285). Bundle pricing only happens once a year. It open back up in July 2022. Please note that we cannot apply bundle pricing retroactively so if you decide to begin courses outside of the bundle registration period you will pay individually for the courses for that year.

Additional Costs

Q. In addition to the tuition, are there other costs associated with the program?
A. You will pay for your books separately and the costs for those vary depending on if you buy new or used and where you purchase them from. 

Retreat Attendance

Q. Do I have to attend the annual retreat to obtain certification?
A. No, the annual retreats are optional.


Q. Do you offer scholarships?
A. Yes, we offer scholarships during our open enrollment each summer. Please see our scholarship page for more information. https://www.astrologyuniversity.com/scholarships/


Q. Do you offer certification?
A. Yes, if you complete the four year program, we offer certification.

Q. Do I need to be certified to be a successful astrologer?
A. No, you can be a successful astrologer without any kind of formal certification.

The answer to this question depends on your intention. The certification itself will not improve your chances of attracting clients. The profession of astrology isn’t governed by one national board, and there are no nationally-recognized standards of certification that the general public knows about. So that wonderful astrology certification you worked years on won’t really help you get clients. But will it make you a better astrologer? That’s highly likely.

Which brings us to a reason you might actually want to pursue certification: for educational reasons. Many certifications include a well-rounded course of study. You’ll likely be asked to read a lot, work up many charts, and complete different forms of testing to attain certification. You could do this on your own. But if you find it hard to self-motivate, or to stay focused in your studies, working towards a certification can give you that extra boost to complete your studies and really apply yourself. 

You might also enjoy the feeling of having a certification from a particular organization that is recognized by your professional peers.

So do you need a certification to be a successful astrologer? No you don’t. But you might want to get one to help motivate you to apply yourself to your studies.


Q. Is your school accredited?
A. No. We are not. 

Q. Can I apply for financial aid through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid program?
A. No. We are not an accredited school


Q. What will be covered in the program? Do you have a list of courses?
A.  Yes, please see our full curriculum listed out by year: https://www.astrologyuniversity.com/program-curriculum/

Reading list

Q. Do you have a list of the books we will be reading for each course?
A. Yes. We have a reading list for year 1, 2, 3 – you can also find required and suggested reading lists in each course description on the curriculum page: https://www.astrologyuniversity.com/program-curriculum/ – please be advised that materials can be subject to last minute changes.

Download the year-one reading list here.

Download the year-two reading list here.

Download the year three reading list here.

Reading lists for year 4 will be posted at the start of that year. The proposed reading is included in each course description which you can find on the curriculum page.

Support throughout the program

Q. What kind of support is offered to students who are not going through the program with the live cohorts?
A. Students who are going at their own pace in the program outside of the live cohorts have the same level of support. Instructors will be active in the discussion forums and available to answer questions. If you are choosing the certification track your homework and exams will be graded with feedback and support. You will also have access to your peers with the optional Whatsapp chat group.

Q. If I find I need additional support outside of the classroom time, discussion forum, and q&a sessions – is there tutoring available?
A. Yes you can always schedule tutoring for additional support and guidance around particular issues. 


Q. Can I complete this sooner than four years?
A. At this time you could theoretically work through the material slightly faster than four years, but we don’t recommend it. We are currently presenting year three for the first time. Year one and two is mostly fully recorded and you could complete those courses at your own pace. Once you catch up to where we are live, you’d have to work through the rest of the program in real time. Year three will be presented beginning in August 2021. Year four will start in August 2022. 

Q. Do I have to follow along with the live cohorts or could I go slower at my own pace?
A. You don’t have to follow with the live cohorts. There is no time limit to how long you can take for your courses. Many students prefer to work at a slower pace so that they can have time to digest the material and to work through the optional supplemental reading without feeling rushed.

Q. If I sign up for the current cohort and I can’t attend the live Q&A sessions, can I still participate?
A. Yes, the Q&A sessions are recorded and you can post your questions in the discussion forum or email us and we can make sure the instructor addresses them. The Q&A sessions are not required to complete each course. However, they do often contain a lot of supplemental teaching that you could benefit from viewing even if you don’t attend. 

Q. I just signed up for a course and would like to go at my own pace but I see that the Q&A sessions are live and not recorded. Why is this?
A. Please note that if you are going at your own pace throughout the program that there may be occasional classes where the recorded Q&A sessions have been removed due to privacy. This usually occurs right before the next live cohort begins that course (about a year from the previous start date of the course). You will instead see links for the live Q&A sessions. You are welcome to attend the live Q&A sessions even if you are not a part of the live cohort. We are not able to provide you with the recorded Q&A sessions past the date we take them off the site. Thank you for your understanding.

Bundle Pricing and Timing

Q. What if I sign up for the bundle and I find I can’t keep up with the pacing. Can I still keep the pricing while I complete the courses?
A. If you sign up for either the full year bundle pricing or the 10 payments, as long as you continue your payments you will have access to your courses and you have as long as you need to complete them. Once you have paid for a course, you have lifetime access to it.

Q. If I am still taking year one courses and the bundle pricing opens for year two can I sign up for the bundle for year two even while I am completing year one?
A. You can do this – keep in mind that if you are still paying for year one that means you will have two payments until your year-one payments are complete.

Q. What if I decide to quit if I have signed up for the bundle?
A. There are no refunds for bundle payments, whether pay in full or payment plan. Please see terms and conditions for bundle pricing

Q. I purchased several courses outside of the bundle period and now I want to do the bundle. Can I get credit or a refund for the courses I have taken?
A. Sorry. We can’t apply the bundle discount retroactively. The bundle payment is for all 9 courses for that year. If you have already purchased courses from that year of study it’s best to continue to purchase the courses individually.

Q. If I purchase the bundle payment plan option will I have access to all of the courses for the year?
A. No. With the bundle payment plan option you have access to each course one week before the course begins. Each course that you pay for you will have lifetime access to.

Connecting with other students

Q. Are there ways to connect with students whether I’m in the live cohort or not?
A. Yes. Our students connect with each other in the discussion forums for the courses and also there are student run chat groups on Whatsapp. Many students form outside study groups that meet on Zoom. 

How much time?

Q. How much time should I plan to dedicate to this program?
A. Most students can work through the material in 6 to 10 hours per week. This includes the lectures, Q&A sessions, required reading, and homework. If you choose to do the optional supplemental reading, you can expect up to 15 hours per week. 

Bundle pricing and testing out

Q. If I test out of the first two courses can I still get the bundle pricing?
A. If you test out of the first two courses, it’s actually cheaper to pay for each course individually for the rest of the first year.

Bundle pricing Applied Retroactive?

Q. If I missed the bundle registration period and I sign up for classes individually, can I get the bundle pricing applied retroactively once it opens up again?
A. Sorry – we can’t apply special pricing retroactively. It would be best to wait until the next open enrollment for the bundle pricing if you are seeking that pricing structure.

ISAR Certification

Q: Can I sit for the ISAR certification exam after attending AU’s four-year program?
A: We’re currently working with ISAR to make sure we meet their qualifications for you to sit for their certification exam.


Q. What software will I need for this program?
A. We have a few recommendations here:

If you don’t already have software, wait to purchase until you’ve watched lesson four in the first course, where we demo several software programs. You’ll also find a few discount coupons for enrolled students inside course one. 


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