The Outer Planets as the Bridge to the Soul

taught by Mark Jones

Course Description

A Deep Dive into Uranus, Neptune and Pluto

Mark helps you shift your conceptual orientation to bring the outer planets to life with new meaning.

The outer planets – Uranus, Neptune and Pluto – often get a bad reputation among astrologers. Some who use traditional techniques do not even acknowledge them, as if all discovery stopped with Saturn. Many others do explore them, but as if that shadow of Saturnian judgement still lingered on. In this limited view, Uranus becomes a sign for rebels, Pluto is all about death and Neptune just a lost cause! This kind of simplistic, judgmental thinking does not serve the needs of our times.

Many come to astrology seeking answers about their life, its meaning and its purpose. The outer planets express this meaning from a transpersonal point of view; i.e. a view that transcends and includes the personal. The outer planets are central to understanding the purpose of our existence. Dane Rudhyar called the outer planets the “higher octaves” of the inner planets, hence they can be seen to express a higher level of purpose and integration.

This workshop begins with an analysis of the outer planets’ discovery charts – the nature of the periods in which they were discovered. We will develop a profound thesis of their meaning on a collective level. From that foundation, we explore how the outer planets can be used to deepen our understanding of the natal chart and of our personal evolution.

We look at Uranus’s role as the memory function of the collective energy field, then we’ll consider how this archetype facilitates an understanding of trapped memories within the individual’s larger energy field as well as how to heal from them.

We explore Pluto as the central factor of emotional and psychological significance; how we relate to the memories symbolized by Uranus; how we have made them into our story.

We think of Neptune as the ultimate symbol of our aspiration to higher meaning. Depending on our openness to the infinite energy field of life, this could represent our greatest spiritual inclination and triumph or, sadly, even our most tragic disillusionment and loss. Neptune is seen as the potential of the relationship between Pluto and Uranus to be held in balance.

Mark draws on multiple example charts from his extensive client work as well as a number of historically significant charts to express the deeper meaning of the outer planets.

This is a full recording of a live workshop presented in Portland, OR in the fall of 2017.

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Mark Jones

Senior Instructor

Mark Jones is an astrologer, psychosynthesis therapist and author from the UK. Mark is a regular speaker and workshop leader in North America, Europe and Australia. His first book Healing the Soul: Pluto, Uranus and the Lunar Nodes is an excellent introduction to his work as an evolutionary astrologer. His second book The Soul Speaks: The Therapeutic Potential of Astrologyexplores the transformative power of the natal chart reading while offering invaluable counseling skills to astrologers. Students love working with Mark because of his spiritual approach, his humor, warmth, and depth.

Course Curriculum

  • Lesson 1: The Outer Planets Discovery and Major Themes
    • The Outer Planets Discovery and Major Themes
  • Lesson 2
    • Chart Example of Outer Planet Transits
  • Lesson 3
    • Outer Planets and Nonlinear States
  • Lesson 4
    • Uranus as a Memory Signature
  • Lesson 5
    • Freud and Uranus in Stressful Aspect to Inner Planets
  • Lesson 6
    • Uranus and Stressful Aspects Example
  • Lesson 7 
    • Two Chart Examples
  • Lesson 8
    • Outer Planets Relationship to Jupiter and Saturn; Neptune Discovery
  • Lesson 9
    • Neptune and the Personal Planets
  • Lesson 10
    • Higher Expressions of Neptune; Q&A
  • Lesson 11
    • Start of Day Two – Q&A
  • Lesson 12
    • The Function of Neptune; The Yod Dynamic
  • Lesson 13
    • Pluto Discovery and Orientation
  • Lesson 14
    • The Pluto Complex
  • Lesson 15
    • Pluto, Rudhyar and Core Emotional and Psychic Events
  • Lesson 16
    • Pluto Death and the Maiden
  • Lesson 17
    • Pluto Transformation and the Failure to Transform
  • Lesson 18
    • Chart Example of Major Outer Planet Influence
  • Lesson 19
    • Q&A and Conclusion
    • More resources for you
  • Bonuses
    • Planets Conjunct the Lunar Nodes Part 1
    • Planets Conjunct the Lunar Nodes Part 2

Rave Reviews

Adriane UllmanLouisiana
Read More
"I am halfway through your outer planets workshop and am just feeling an overwhelming gratitude for finding you, a living person who is accessible to me and that seems to have experienced what I’m experiencing and expressing it to the world. I also really value your Capricornness that is helping me come into and appreciate the structure of the way things are. Thank you for showing me that I can be authentic and handle the risk."

“ When you don’t follow your nature there is a hole in the universe where you were supposed to be. 

Astrology is one of the most direct tools to self-inquiry. Why not start your inner journey today!

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