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Go pro with your forecasting skills! 

Discover the skills, tools and techniques you’ll need to become a successful forecasting astrologer. Learn your craft with international astrologer Frank Clifford of The London School of Astrology.

In this unique, self-contained course, Frank will:

  • Guide you through some of the most important and accurate predictive systems
  • Consider key life stages/events (from job changes to marriage, money and travel)
  • Offer you simple ways to construct clear and useful interpretations
  • Work with case studies from his client files, famous people and course students

Along the way, you’ll be introduced to many helpful tips and considerations gathered by Frank during his 25 years as a consulting astrologer. All are welcome but some understanding of the signs, planets and houses will be assumed.

You’ll Get Personalized Help and Instruction

Frank will be in touch with you regularly throughout the course and you’ll be encouraged to submit questions (about the course content and your own chart) during the course dates. Most of these will be answered in the Q&A sessions.

Principles of Forecasting: Frank’s Approach

Astrological forecasting is about dialoguing with the client to help them become attuned to the planetary cycles and rhythms of their lives. It is usually less to do with ‘predicting’ an actual event and more to do with encouraging a client’s ‘active participation’ in their own personal and professional development. In other words, rather than trying to predict what will happen, we can do our best work by articulating the processes taking place in our client’s life and helping them to become aware of these. Then, the client can co-create their future with the help of the planetary season.

Ultimately, astrological techniques are never as important as the client themselves – we as astrologers must endeavour to tune into their needs, their context and their reality.

What You Get and How to Watch

Course includes: 13 modules which include 16 classes plus 4 recorded Q&A sessions with FrankYour registration grants you access to all of the recordings which you can watch in your own time.

The timing techniques focused on are solar arc directions and transits. There are also short lessons on the lunar gestation cycle, the consultation chart, progressions and profections. 

You can watch this course using any computer, phone or device. You have the option to watch through our website or download the recordings.

About Certification: The live course has finished and the original deadline for assignments has passed. If you wish to purchase this course and complete the assignments, you will be given a new deadline from Frank. Contact him directly for details once you’ve signed up: [email protected]
Frank Clifford
Frank Clifford

Senior Instructor

Frank Clifford is a popular London-based astrology writer and teacher. He has written several best-selling books (including  Getting to the Heart of Your ChartPalmistry 4 Today and Solar Arc Directions), runs Flare Publications (which published The Twelve Houses by Howard Sasportas and Astrology in the Year Zero by Garry Phillipson), and has had his work translated into eight languages. Since he began running The London School of Astrology in 2004, Frank has given close to a thousand classes and seminars in twelve countries.

Frank writes for The Mountain Astrologer and has guest-edited several issues in the past few years. In 2012, the astrological community gave him The Charles Harvey Award, a lifetime achievement honour for ‘Exceptional Service to Astrology’, and in 2016 Frank received a writing award from ISAR. In 2018 he was nominated for a Regulus Award for Professional Image.

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Rave Reviews About this Course

"I am very much enjoying working my way through the brilliant course, and it has been restoring my faith in the art of astrology and the good heartedness of the teacher."
-L.B., South Africa
"I really enjoyed your class … so well organized and presented in such a kindly and thorough manner."
-S.C., Australia
"Thank you for giving me, and all the others, a wonderful opportunity to really study in depth transits and directions and all the rest. And to share your knowledge but, more than that, your insights."
-E.P., Italy
"My chart reading skills have improved considerably and for this I am grateful."
-G.M., Ireland

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