The Jupiter-Saturn Grand Conjunction in 2020

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Jupiter and Saturn make major moves in 2020 forming their historic conjunction, which takes place about every 20 years. But this conjunction is extra special because it marks the start of a new roughly 200-year cycle during which Jupiter and Saturn will form conjunctions in the same element: air. 

Below is a list of key dates as well as a helpful resource list of our past webinars and lectures on Saturn, Jupiter, and their “Grand” conjunction. 

Key Dates for 2020 (EST)

  • December 19 : Jupiter enters Aquarius
  • December 21 : Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction at 0˚ Aquarius

In this transcript of a lecture given by the late Robert Blaschke, he takes a close look at the social impact of this important alignment in previous cycles and gives effective suggestions for the upcoming 2020 Grand Conjunction air cycle.

High Stakes, Wise Choices

Join Steven for a long, hard look at the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction and how to get 2020 right at a personal level.

Jupiter and Saturn - Collective shift from earth to air

in this lecture with Kelly we take a deep dive into the qualities of the air element, looking into past air eras in order to understand more about our current Jupiter-Saturn conjunction.

preparing for the transits of 2020

In this webinar Jessica Murray discusses the remarkable conjunctions taking place in 2020: Saturn-Pluto, Jupiter-Pluto and Jupiter-Saturn. World cultural currents are examined from the point of view of long-term outer planet symbolism.

The New age - Jupiter and saturn in aquarius

The Jupiter–Saturn conjunction at 0° Aquarius in late 2020 ushers in a remarkable new chapter for us as a society. But how will it impact you personally and professionally?

2020 epic cycles of change and renewal

Held back in April of 2019, our full set of lectures from the 2020 Epic Cycles of Change and Renewal Summit is available with talks on topics you don’t want to miss for 2020! Featuring Melanie Reinhart, Lynn Bell, Steven Forrest, and more!

More on jupiter and saturn

Here are additional resources on Jupiter and Saturn independently of the Jupiter-Saturn Grand Conjunction. Enjoy!

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