Scorpio Season 2021 – THE COSMIC EYE FORECAST


Vanessa Montgomery and Tony Howard chat about all things Scorpio, classic Scorpios Robert Mapplethorpe and Caitlyn Jenner, PLUS the new and full Moon, the major planetary alignments this month featuring Mars in Libra and Venus out of bounds. You’ll hear the declination report including this month’s out of bounds Moon, the major parallel alignments, plus the opportunity transits and featured electional dates for good timing around key actions.

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Neal Laite

Thanks, Tony! It is such fun to talk about famous people and their charts! You know, I wanted to explore Arthur Conan Doyle’s Venus in Aries and Edgar Allen Poe’s Venus in Pisces, using astrologer Martin Schulman’s idea of the “Venus Yod.” Schulman thought that Venus in any sign would be engaged more fully if thought of as the apex of a yod, and honoring the energies of the other two signs that make up that yod. Thus, Doyle’s Venus in Aries Yod would include Virgo and Scorpio, and Poe’s Venus in Pisces yod would include Libra and Leo. Schulman said that it did not matter if the other signs in the birth chart had no planets, as they would be activated by transits throughout one’s life. I thought I would explore that with our two creative geniuses – Doyle, and Poe.

Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes is an archetypal warrior against crime, and a fine boxer (Aries); he is great at analyzing clues, and weeding out distracting, extraneous information, and is precise in his thought process (Virgo); and hence is a fine detective through organizing information in his mind and looking deeply into a situation (Scorpio).

Poe was a marvelously dark, macabre mystic (Pisces); a fine artistic poet (Libra – “the rare and radiant maiden, whom the angels named Lenore/nameless her forever more.” God, who writes like that!?); but sadly, his inner child (Leo) was plagued by a dysfunctional family, alcohol, and mental illness, and he died tragically young. He is a perfect example of the tortured artist/wounded healer. But the perfection he could not achieve in his personal life he managed to channel into his art, and for that, we can be grateful!

I am experimenting with Schulman’s idea of the Venus Yod, and since Venus is out of bounds until December, it seems like a great time for that! Thanks so much, Tony & Vanessa! Happy All Souls Day!

Neal Laite

Hi, Tony and Vanessa! I have been musing about detective Sherlock Holmes, his creator – Arthur Conan Doyle – and also actors who have taken on the role of Holmes. Doyle did not have any planets in Scorpio, but he did admire Edgar Allen Poe, who did have planets in Scorpio (as Vanessa noted!), so perhaps this was the “Scorpio well” from which he drew inspiration. As for famous actors who took on the role of Holmes: Jeremy Brett and Jonny Lee Miller have Sun in Scorpio; Basil Rathbone and Benedict Cumberbatch have Uranus in Scorpio; and Robert Downey Jr. has Neptune in Scorpio! My Scorpio mantras are taken from ‘spooky’ X Files: “The Truth is out there,” and “I want to believe!” Thanks!

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