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In this course you will learn one of the most important building blocks of astrological analysis as we uncover the symbolism of the 6 major aspects: Conjunction, Opposition, Square, Sextile, Trine, and Quincunx. Through teachings of four instructors, you’ll be introduced to psychological, mythic and traditional approaches to these aspects. We will cover aspect theory as well as application through chart examples featuring each of the 6 major aspects.

Instructors: Kelly Surtees, Jason Holley, Tony Howard, Mark Jones

Required text: Aspects in Astrology by Sue Tompkins
Supplemental Text: Aspects and Personality by Karen Hamaker-Zondag

Dates: August 12 to September 6, 2020
Live Classes on Wednesdays at 9am Pacific Time
Live Q&A Sessions Sundays at 9am Pacific Time (you can submit questions by email if you can’t attend live)
$295 (non-certification) / $350 (certification*)
*Certification track includes required homework assignment with testing.

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Monica H.

So happy to have found this school! The instructors are incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about teaching. Quality lectures, readings, homework assignments and feedback on homework all contributed to my learning. Attending classes and Q&A's live with a group of stellar students enriched my experience. Can't wait for the next course!

A Astrology University Customer
Catherine M.
Great astrology education!

Comprehensive material, excellent instruction, well-designed program format. Generous time and knowledge given to all students. Worth it!

Lisa D.
Excellent variety of instructors

This has been one of my favourite courses in the 4 year program thus far. The course offers wonderful, accessible, and varied teachings on the major aspects. Each instructors' teaching offered clear layers of approach and understanding to the aspects. Would highly recommend.

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