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This bundle, assembled especially for the Breakthrough and Transformation Summit, includes 3 workshops exploring the summit theme.

We’ve worked with three inspiring astrologers to create ORIGINAL material just for this bonus!

  1. Understanding the Cycles of Jupiter: Tales of Excess, Progress and Success with Samuel Reynolds
    Specially recorded and only available in this bonus!
    Drawing on over a decade of research and study, Sam explores the returns, oppositions, waning and waxing squares of “lucky” Jupiter to his natal position. Why is Jupiter sometimes unlucky for people? How we can best reap the profit with fewer of the problems that the gas giant leaves in his wake? What are some things for us to avoid? Focusing on several charts and stories from his personal files and well-known celebrities, Sam answers these questions and more in his 90-minute talk.
    Approximately 90 min. | includes video and audio
  2. Breakthroughs with Outer Planetary Transits with Wendy Stacey
    Specially recorded and only available in this bonus!
    When the outer planets transit our Sun, Moon or Ascendant we are offered a chance to grow and break through blockages and barriers. Using examples, this talk will discuss examples of how these might manifest and make the most of these opportunities.
    Approximately 60 min. | includes video and audio
  3. Windows Opening in the Density of Time with Darby Costello
    Specially recorded and only available in this bonus!
    There are moments when something seems to penetrate our lives here in the density of time and space.  We are moving along and suddenly the light changes and we enter a new dimension.  Life is forever after different.  Here we shall look at a few people for whom these moments opened up a radically new perspective and we shall look at the astrology of those moments in their lives.  Some seem almost obvious, but some are very surprising.
    90 min. | includes video and audio

Valued at $85 if purchased separately – get all three downloads for just $35! 

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