Mothers-in-law, Environments and Abundance

Ceres is a Goddess who presides over natural cycles, democracy, food and cultivation. As a great teacher, her role in mythology can show us how to develop this ancient feminine archetype and help create abundance.

Ceres is a powerful nurturer but also threatens life when crossed. She can help us enter rites of passage. Being in tune with her can lead us to an environment in which we can flourish. As the archetype of the mother-in-law, she can give us information relating to family and in-laws.

Ceres was upgraded to dwarf-planet status in 2006 and is now equal to Pluto. Faye will discuss the reclassification and mythology to delve deeper into her meaning. By using case studies we shall gain insight into what Ceres is asking of us now, both personally and in the world.

Includes some time spent looking at participants’ Ceres placements.

Pre-recorded webinar available for instant download.

1 hr. 36 min. |  Includes video, audio and slides

About Faye Blake (Cossar)
Faye is a professional astrologer and consultant originally from New Zealand and now practicing in Amsterdam. She has an MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology from Bath Spa University College and is a skilled practitioner of the Huber timing method. Her Monthly Planet blog explores global themes in the shifting planetary landscape. Visit Faye at: http://www.fayecossar.nl/