Natal Chart Synthesis 201 – Holistic Chart Interpretation



Instructors: Tony Howard and Kelly Surtees
Now that you’ve learned the meaning of the core symbols of astrology – planets, signs, houses and aspects – it’s time to work toward a holistic look at the chart. In this course we’ll teach you 4 key steps toward chart interpretation and work through the steps with two famous charts so you can learn how to synthesize all of the details into a cohesive interpretation. This course is perfect if you’ve struggled trying to pull together all of the details in a natal chart into a cohesive analysis. At the end of the course, you’ll have a system you can use to identify the core aspects and themes to focus on for your interpretation.

In part two of the course, you’ll get tips for understanding chart signatures that students often find challenging. This includes aspects and planet-sign-house combinations of paradox, complex archetypal blending, seemingly contradictory astrological symbols, or multiple areas of emphasis.

Includes the charts of Malcolm X and Penelope Cruz.

Required Text: Getting to the Heart of Your Chart with Frank Clifford
Supplementary Text: Aspects in Astrology by Sue Tompkins

Live Dates: December 1 – 27, 2021

Pre-recorded lessons plus four live Q&A sessions Dec 5th 12-1:30 pm Pacific Time, Dec 12th, 12-1:30 Pacific Time, Dec 19 3-4:30 pm PT, Dec 27 2-3:30 pm PT

Pre-recorded and available for instant access. You may register and start this course and get started today. You will have access to a discussion area to ask questions as you move through the course.

$295 (audit) / $350 (certification-track*)
*Certification track includes feedback on homework and exam.

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