Retrograde Planets Course



Study retrograde planets in the natal chart as you read Erin Sullivan’s classic text on the subject. Your instructors Tony Howard and Safron Rossi will guide you through an exploration of the meaning of retrograde signatures, the technical details, and a focus on Mercury, Venus and Mars. Tony will explore the theory, technique and application, and Safron will guide us into the mythic dimensions. Includes an exploration of Rudhyar’s phase relationship model and approach to retrograde planets. Includes focus on transiting retrograde planets in addition to natal chart significations.

Required Text: Retrograde Planets by Erin Sullivan

Pre-recorded for instant access.
$295 (non-certification) / $350 (certification*)
Course includes: eight video classes, four recorded Q&A sessions, weekly reading assignments and homework. Video, audio and handouts are available to view and/or download with “lifetime” access.
*Certification track includes feedback on homework and exams.

Instructor: Tony Howard and Safron Rossi

This course counts towards our four-year program diploma.

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