Astrology – History’s Hidden Treasure


In the West, Astrology lay dormant for much of the 18th and 19th centuries. Unfettered by much of the weight of the past, this hundred year break in the tradition allowed the astrology of the 20th century to move in wild new directions, achieving unparalleled power to model the human psyche, pioneering new techniques, and taking new angles on spirituality.

But now, in the morning of the 21st century, astrology has the opportunity to grow in a new way – by reclaiming its roots. The past stands like a great, unopened treasure chest. Inside are fascinating but forgotten techniques, alien and intriguing paradigms and connections to medicine, magick, philosophy, alchemy and art – all lost to contemporary astrology. These exotic treasures will inevitably challenge and change the way we think about, practice and even experience astrology.

With astrologer Austin Coppock.

audio download | 2 hours.

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