Vampires, Transformers and Enablers – Working with the 8th House


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The 8th house is one of the traditional gateways to the underworld, a cold wind comes through the cracks, we feel the presence of other beings, other energies, other realms. We may be obsessed or possessed, dependent or dominant, for this house is about the way we respond to what other people bring us.

Planets here can attract people who are takers, who leave us drained, depleted, and emptied out, or they can be attractors of a different kind of energy, drawing in people and talents that help change our world, and others along with it.

Audio lecture for instant download. Presented by Lynn Bell.

52 min. | audio plus slides

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Sheila R.
Deep dive into the the hall of mirrors after dark...

Drawing on mythology, literature, and client cases, Lynn Bell offers a rich exploration of this house where what we don’t see compels or inspires us to (eventually) see and feel differently. Delivered with great insight, humor, and honesty about human relations.

Great Information

I really enjoyed this take on the 8th house - I love the usage of literature to understand the 8th house. I have an 8th house sun, and found this illuminating (no pun intended) for being able to explain what this house means in practical terms.

Great class

If you want to grow your understanding of the 8th house, especially as a relationship house, this class is for you. The only reason I didn’t give it five stars is because of the poor sound quality of the recording. But otherwise the content is great, as you would expect from Lyn Bell.

Colette R.
Vampires, Transformers and Enablers - Working with the 8th House

I always like how Lynn presents her subjects ! Really inspiring, thank you Colette R

Vampires, Transformers and Enablers - Working with the 8th house, by Lynn Bell

This is a wonderful presentation, and so valuable on a very practical level. The phenomenon of the 'energy vampire' and the 'spiritual vampire' is something that is very real, and it is fascinating to look at this phenomenon through the lens of astrology. This little gem of a webinar should not be missed. Thank you, Lynn.

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