The 8th House – Intimacy and Vulnerability


Darby Costello Presents:
The Water Houses – The Eighth House

The eighth house is called the house of death. But it is the house of death in life, rather than the end of life.

When we have gone through an eighth house experience we often feel as though we have been initiated into a new life. We are taken to places we could not have imagined.

Both Mars and Pluto are associated with this Scorpionic house. And although we may fear entering the eighth house dimension, we can also have no experiences of intimacy with others without having died to certain aspects of ourselves first. During this webinar we shall attempt to shed light into this house of deep vulnerability.


This is part 2 of a 3-part series on the water houses. Get part 1: The 4th House

Pre-recorded webinar available for instant download.

2 hrs. | includes video, audio and slideshow pdf plus written transcript*

*Darby’s internet connection was weak the day of the webinar, and every now and then a word would be inaudible. So we have included a written transcript of the webinar at no extra charge, to make it easier to follow along.