Planetary Interiority: Hillman and the Archetypal Psyche


James Hillman’s writings provide an invaluable foundation for understanding the bridge between psychology and astrology. Yet Hillman’s theoretical frame and mythopoetic perspective are rarely mentioned in astrological circles, despite the rich opportunity for cross-fertilization his work offers. This presentation explores these fertile possibilities by introducing the four modes of imagining in Hillman’s groundbreaking opus Re-Visioning Psychology (1974) and their significance in an archetypal psychological approach to astrology.

The four modes of imagining:

  • Dehumanizing: moving from the personal to transpersonal
  • Psychologizing: seeing through from the literal to the metaphorical
  • Pathologizing: moving an affliction into a sense of hidden purpose
  • Personifying: moving from principle to presence

Presented by Safron Rossi. Recorded at the UAC conference 2018.

1 hr. 11 min. | Includes audio file for instant download.