The Mysteries of Venus


Steven Forrest presents an intensive workshop on Venus.

“You’re going to meet someone . . .” When that kind of prediction is made for a young person, the reaction is generally wide-eyed excitement, enthusiasm, and curiosity. When the same words are said to people in their forties or fifties, “Uh oh” is a more typical response. Welcome to the real world of Venus, the Goddess of Love. The old astrologers called Venus a “benefic.” But how often has that planet brought you pain and heartbreak? Yet of course Venus can also bring us the greatest treasure we can find on this earth: loving companionship.

In this audio workshop, we’ll explore the astrological Venus as thoroughly as possible in the evolutionary context. You’ll learn:

  • How to we understand its place in the natal chart in terms of signs, houses, and aspects.
  • How to work with Venus developmentally via progressions and transits.
  • Venus’ mysterious and powerful “pentangular” eight year cycle—and its even more mysterious forty year cycle.

Love is perilous and complex territory. It is helpful to have a map as we navigate it. Venus supplies that orientation, both in the natal chart and the context of changing astrological weather. Who are your natural partners, soul-friends, and mates in this life—and whose tangled webs should you avoid? What are your own blind spots and how can you open your eyes? And how is 2016 different from 2017 in terms of all that?

But Venus is not only about romantic love. Where would we be without that human masterpiece we call friendship? Where would we be without grace, courtesy, and respect? And Venus is even bigger than that. It includes our aesthetic responsiveness. Can we even imagine life without art and beauty? How could we endure it?

Ultimately, at the core level, Venus serves yet another sacred purpose: calming our frayed nerves. Life can be jarring; how do we return to equilibrium after a blow? Maybe we need a hug. Maybe we need to turn up the music. All these pieces are interwoven and interdependent.

Join Steven for a extensive deep-dive into the planetary Goddess of Love, Beauty, and Peace. Includes descriptions of Venus in each of the signs and houses; Venus aspects to Mercury, Mars Saturn and Pluto; Venus progressions with the Sun; transits of Neptune, Jupiter and Uranus to natal Venus.

10 hrs. | audio download plus handouts

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Ailish K.
United States

Helpful and Entertaining

Steven Forrest is great at conveying a lot of information in a humorous and empathetic way. I'll probably listen to the whole thing a couple of times over, and find new tidbits of information each time. I definitely feel like I have a better grasp of what Venus represents in the chart and in life.

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