Saturn-Neptune Aspects in the Birth Chart


Join Tony Howard for a webinar on Saturn-Neptune aspects in the birth chart.

Using example charts for several prominent current and historical figures, we’ll expand our insight for the multiple ways Saturn and Neptune can interact beyond the confines of the standard astrological cookbook.

We begin by briefly outlining each planet’s archetypal range, and then explore the various ways the archetypes influence each other. We limit our thinking when we unconsciously give precedence to one archetype when describing a particular combination. So we’ll use this time to break out of the box, finding cases of Saturn being dominant, Neptune being dominant, and of both archetypes merging to create an entirely unique expression.

We’ll also take this opportunity to remember that even so-called “negative” planetary aspects can play out in multiple ways in one’s life, many of them constructive and even beneficial.

Includes the charts of Oscar Wilde, Marilyn Monroe, Tom Cruise, Jon Stewart, FDR, John Coltrane, Marvin Gaye and more.

1 hr. 38 min. This is a pre-recorded webinar available for instant download.
video and audio files plus slides included

Video Preview:

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Alice K.
Saturn/Neptune Square

This presentation was well researched and presented in an organized manner. The introduction outlining the attributes of Saturn and Neptune was concise and thorough. The charts illustrating the Saturn/Neptune square were well chosen. The delineation of each chart stayed focused on the issue of the square and did not wander off to other aspects of the chart. I would have liked to see a little more explanation of how the energies of Saturn and Neptune influenced each other - in each chart. In other words - how did Saturn restrict or manage - and - how did Neptune blind or create - in the individual incidences of the charts presented. I appreciated the time and effort that the presenter put into this presentation.

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