Solar Arcs: Your Internal Development Clock


In this live web simulcast of a weekend workshop, Steven Forrest introduces the theory and practice of solar arcs to complete his three-part series on timing that started with Transits and Progressions.

Solar Arcs operate like the genetic code of a seed. Similar to Progressions, they are an internal developmental clock hard-wired into your birthchart. Certain possibilities arise right on schedule as you come to the evolutionary crossroads they mark, just as an oak tree might sprout green leaves every Spring and watch them turn to red and gold each Autumn. Solar arcs are reliable, and no astrologer doing “current development” work is playing with a full deck without them.

The theory behind Solar Arcs is simple: take the number of degrees the Sun has progressed on a given date and add that same “arc” to the rest of the planets. With the Sun progressing about one degree per year, the distance any planet has moved by this technique is a number of degrees pretty close to your age in years. You can even do Solar Arcs in your head at night if have trouble sleeping.

Because they are linked to Sun, they have a “solar” nature. That means that Solar Arcs are quite directly related to the obvious biographical realities of life. In other words, they “work” in a  concrete way, even though they lack some of the psychological depth of Progressions. In practice, along with Transits and Progressions, Solar Arcs complete the powerful trinity of techniques that are at the heart of astrological prediction.

In this online class, Steven will briefly introduce the theory of Solar Arcs, then work with each planet individually, along with the Angles of the chart. We will pay special attention to the all-important Solar Arcs of the nodal axis as they mark the times when “the karmic wave will break” in your life. By the time we are finished, you will have working knowledge of this technique which you can apply to your own chart or those of your friends and clients.


The simulcast will be streamed live on:

  • Friday November 30 from 7:00-9:00pm Pacific Time
  • Saturday December 1 from 9:00-12:30pm Pacific Time
  • Sunday December 2 from 9:00-12:30pm Pacific Time

(convert to your time zone)

You do not have to be present for the live broadcast. Your registration includes a complete copy of the recordings (video and audio)

You can watch the live stream from any device using your private access link (which you will receive by email before the simulcast). You will have instant access to the replays through the private access link.

$95 (through November 25; $125 thereafter)

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Sorry, due to Christmas I

Sorry, due to Christmas I hav'nt had time to listen to it yet but am sure it''s great!


Wonderful Class

Steven again exceeded all expectations. Thank you.

Lynda F.

Wonderful as usual

Steven Forrest has such an easy going, humourous and informative style. What I really love about Astrology University courses is that you can go back to listen over and over again or download them.