The Four Quadrants – A Fresh Perspective


with Alexander Von Schlieffen

Aristotles’ four causes are a foundation of the understanding of the astrological quadrants. When you understand the quadrants, you can develop a fresh and very practical way of interpreting the houses, based on a new understanding of the way they are interconnected. 

In this webinar we will discuss new possible meanings of the 12 houses and look at examples that lead to a very simple, clear, logical interpretation. The missing element in each quadrant is the key to its understanding.

Pre-recorded for instant download.

1 hr. 44 min. | includes video, audio and slides

Level: Intermediate



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New way to understand the energy of quadrants- really amazing and helpful!

I find this course very interesting,amazing and helpful.Now I can understand myself better and understand my need to do everything by myself and to learn how to trust the people ( my sun is in 1st quadrant). I have one question for Alexander: He spoke about what means when we have Neptune,Pluto and Moon in first quadrant.What is about when I have Watter sign ( Pisces )in that quadrant ? I am pretty sensitive and I can feel the pains of others.

Melle J.
Really interesting view on 4 quadrants

Pace was ideal and many questions answered. Very interesting to hear synopsis of each of the angles and the houses.

Nicola L.
Four quadrants

A broad illuminating perspective with fascinating views on the world offering deep insight. Grateful for these words of wisdom delivered with grace.

elisabeth s.
4 quadrants with ALexander

I love this fresh perspective on the quadrants. I have a strong 4th house and 2nd quadrant chart, and my life emphasis has been, or was, dealing with family issues, so i connected. I particularly am curious about the 4th mother and 5th father with those axes, axises? vs. the 4th 10th traditional placements. Would like to go to the next step

Four quadrants class

I really enjoyed this class! Lots of useful information that I can actually use. Looking forward to class 2.

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