The Venus Star Point – Finding Joy in the Chart


with Arielle Guttman

Where do we find “joy” in our lives—and how do we identify it in our charts? After 16 years of examining the Venus Star Point, Arielle is firmly convinced that this powerful placement gives us the answer. The Venus Star pattern contains a previously unopened treasure trove of interpretation tools. Easy to locate, it reveals one’s essential talent, joy, and passion. Based on the orbital pairing of the Earth/Venus dance around the Sun, this Venus Star produces an elegant, harmonious pentagonal design. Five sequential retrogrades of Venus over an 8-year period give us the 5 Venus Star Points creating a pattern of harmony and beauty. It is the cosmic “heartbeat” of our solar system.

The five star points in any given chart gives us a new way to measure personal highs in life as well as important relationship connections, beginnings and endings. Arielle introduces the Venus Star Point, including the theory and application through example charts.

Pre-recorded for instant access. 

1 hr. 37 min. | includes video, audio and slides

Arielle began her astrological studies in 1974 and has since authored five books in the field including the two-volume Mythic Astrology series with Kenneth Johnson and The Astro*Carto*Graphy Book of Maps with the late Jim Lewis. Her latest, Venus Star Rising: A New Cosmology for the 21st Century (2011, 2019) is the topic of this presentation. She offers a home-study course that leads to professional certification in the Venus Star Point system. The kindle, abridged version of this work, The Venus Star Point: Getting Straight to the Heart of Your Life With Venus (2014) is also available.  Website:

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Angelica R.

This mini workshop was excellent in that the information was great, Arielle was well-organized, had great visuals to share and really knows her stuff. I could listen for hours and would like a longer workshop with her - hint, hint. BUT the quality of the internet connection was terrible and I lost patience with the poor quality connection. Tony did an excellent job monitoring the situation but still - it was frustrating. Just goes to show that everything about the Aquarian age is not super. There's nothing like a physical meetings in real time. NORWAC, UAC - great memories and hoping they will return NOT online in the future.

Astrology University

Hi, Thank you so much for your feedback. We are glad you enjoyed webinar and were sorry about the audio issues that occurred. Fortunately, we were able to rerecord everything and you will find the updated recording in your account. :)

Informative presentation

I learned a lot I didn’t know. I found my star point but what wasn’t explained is how to find the other points of the star.

Laura C.
Loved the Venus Star Point class!

This class was exactly what I was looking for. I was so impressed, I ordered the presenter's books. Loved it and learned a lot of very useful information!

Venus star point

Excellent, I have Arielle’s book but the session helped me understand the method better of plotting the process!

Marion M.
The Venus Star Point

The Venus Star Point Phenomenon brings me indescribable joy to study. More than 30 years ago my favorite Aunt passed in my hometown, Hamburg Germany. My Aunt is someone I was deeply connected to (more than my birth mother, her sister). I traveled to e with her when she passed. The whole trip centered on the Rose and that became my signature photography subject matter. Years later I learned of the Rose Pattern the orbit of Venus draws in the heavens precisely, eternally. This is of great comfort to me and grounds me in the presence of the Divine guidance in my life. This talk elucidates this magnificent motion perfectly.

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