Awakenings – Spirit’s Message & Its Messenger


with Cheryl Hopkins

“There are many paths to Awakening,” a spiritual teacher explained in a private session years ago. When looking at the charts of those who have had that rare event occur or dedicate their lives to spirit, we see a calling to give one’s life to lifting others up in awareness with a singular unique message. The karmic potential is seen in the astrological charts of such lives.

The outer planets are instruments in the periods that precede an awakening often in the guise of suffering, loss and pain. Transformed into the embodiment of the message the awakened one becomes the messenger for spirit. We’ll explore charts of famous spiritual teachers past and present to identify their process and unique message.

Prerecorded and available for instant download

1hr 33min | includes video, audio and slides

Level: Intermediate

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Sincere respect for the spiritual aspects of life and teachers

There is a lot of mud that one wades through which is connected to spirituality and astrology. I've always admired Mr Forrest for grounding the information. This teacher is very sincere in her desire to respect the initiated but I wish she would have explained the kundalini further, as well as the aspects she reviewed and why they change one's consciousness. Interpretation with many charts and moment is very difficult mental work. Perhaps she understands it but doesn't know, yet, how to succinctly describe the impacts as I had some difficulty following.. I also think there is a perception that enlightenment is a state one always remains in. "Before enlightenment, I was depressed. After enlightenment I remain depressed", A. deMello or Jack Kornfield.-"After the ecstasy, the laundry".

symmone g.
Awakenings - Spirit's Message & Its Messenger .

A thorough presentation of spiritual teachers and their journey. Really interesting and knowledgeable


Sorry, I didn't resonate much w/ the teacher... with no disrespect, I found the class a bit slow and boring, and I didn't get much from it, which was a shame, w/ such an interesting subject, I was looking forward to it.

Pilar V.
Lack of concrete details to follow

I found it interesting eventhough I did not have enough previous knowledge to follow. There is a suggestion there are awakening signatures but she did not explained them. The charts with the progressions were not explained in detail. In summary I did not get much out of it. Thank you

Therese M.
Awakenings - Spirit's Message & It's Messenger

I found it fascinating to hear the power of transiting outer planets that can literally change ones life path. Cheryl shared that her readings of Krishna Murti's work made her sleepy. As she was reading his chart and other inspirational people I fought to stay awake LOL

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