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In this lecture, Darby Costello introduces students to some major themes that arise in the water houses: four, eight and twelve. Originally titled “The Water Houses: The Womb, Death and the Dream,” Darby includes many anecdotes and examples from her client experience.

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Insightful Journey into the Water Houses

Dive into dark matters uplifted by Darcy's wit!

Ragini G.
Psychological depth explained

Psychological in depth relation and each one’s meaning connected with water houses gives better understanding overall

Jan B.
United States
Water house review

This is my first experience with using your archives and I was very pleased that I was able to access it so smoothly! I enjoyed the Darby Costello class, and picked up many avenues for further exploration. She did say the hour long class was condescend from a eight hour lecture...and that left me disappointed in what she was trying to teach in such a limited time ...I enjoyed her manner of presentation and will definitely look forward to more of her teachings. Thank you.

Nicole Q.
United States
Great class!

I loved this lecture! It described subtle attributes and qualities which I really enjoyed hearing. Darby also brought a depth to understanding the likenesses and differences of these houses.

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