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with Demetra George

Asteroids can bring us to the brink of the great mystery when we discover their significations woven into the tapestry of our fate from the moment of birth. They have been linked with spirit guides, daimons, karma, and destiny, providing the specific details of the major life themes indicated by the planets.

In addition to Ceres, Pallas, Juno, and Vesta, astrologers now have access to zodiacal positions of more than 20,000 named asteroids. This course will propel you into the study of all those other asteroids. Personal names of important people in your life, geographical places that hold special destiny for you, mythic deities that span world cultures can point to vocational paths and life-altering experiences, historical personages with whose work you are attuned, and broad concepts that contribute to your character.

Session One: Introduction – How to obtain positions of a multitude of asteroids, identify which ones are important in a chart, and research their meanings. Discussion of asteroids related to Divination and to Astrology, connecting us to the ancient tradition of spiritual guidance from the stars.

Session Two: Personal Name, Place, & Concept Asteroids – Individual threads stitched into the pattern of your life.

Session Three: Mythic Deity Asteroids from World Cultures – Egyptian, Celtic, Norse, Hindu, Asian, Ancient Near Eastern, Greco-Roman, and the Americas. Particular collective transcultural archetypes that surface into your waking consciousness?

Session Four: Dark Goddess Asteroids – Naming, healing, and redeeming the dark feminine in the psyche and society.

Pre-recorded and available for instant access.
6 hrs. 40 min. | includes video, audio and slides
Level: Intermediate (basic level astrology understanding suggested)

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Amazing asteroids

Absolutely fascinating course, opened up a whole new understanding of the importance of asteroids in the chart - would recommend

Lina G.
One of my favourite courses

I am thankful for the ability to review this one, because it was so rich that one can’t possibly retain it all in the first go. Demetra is a master teacher, and I am grateful for her guidance. This one will not disappoint!

Michelle O.
Astroid signature course

Loved every minute!

My Life Makes More Sense Now!

Finding the asteroids of my husband's first and last name prominent in my chart as well as places I have visited and authors I have read has been fascinating. I also found my chart anointed by strong female characters from myth and history which bolsters my spiritual questing. Find your own serendipity through the use of asteroids!

elisabeth s.

Demetra packs so much knowledge, so straightforward into a small box in this 4 week dynamo. Tremendous enjoyment - my Larousse encyclopedia will be here tomorrow so i can start diving into all the mythology to the next level. There were so many coordinating factors in my chart - explains how I've been able to live with 2 yods all my life!

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