Ceres, Pluto and the Nodes


An understanding of Pluto is the foundation of Evolutionary Astrology, and the central episode in his mythic biography is the abduction of Ceres’ (Demeter) daughter Persephone into the underworld. This talk explores the complex web of relationships that are constellated in Pluto/Ceres/Persephone chart interactions and the implications of the recent reclassification of these two bodies as dwarf planets, equal in status, in the solar system. In addition, Demetra offers preliminary suggestions for research into the nodes of Ceres.

BONUS: This download contains two lectures for the price of one. “Ceres, Pluto and the Nodes” and “Ceres, Persephone, Pluto & the Elusinian Mysteries“.

Two lectures, 52 min. and 75 min. | audio download | includes slides

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Rachel K.
Brilliant, inspiring, academic, practical~~a deep

Brilliant, inspiring, academic, practical~~a deep dive into a fundamental mythos...


This was an exceptional class, content-rich and well delivered!!!

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