Dionysian Mysteries – Ancient Healing Rites through Trance Dance


Join Demetra George for the second installment of her webinar series on the Greek Mystery Religions.

Dionysus/Bacchus is the god of wine, intoxication and religious ecstasy. He is a complex deity with widespread and varied worship. This webinar will focus upon his mystery rites associated with the Maenads and women’s religion.

The initiates, as a group, experienced a direct descent of divine energy into themselves whose purpose was to bring about a catharsis and healing. The healing power of the god was invoked through music and ecstatic dance in wild nature settings. Demetra will also share stories and images from the 2019 tour about a modern-day Dionysian-like ceremony that the tour group witnessed in a small village in northern rural Greece.

There will be a Q & A session at the conclusion of the presentation.

You can personalize your connection to these ancient mystery rites by determining the positions of the asteroids Dionysos and Bacchus in your chart. They will suggest where and how in the realm of Dionysos you go to the edges of rational consciousness in order to experience an ecstatic state of being.

For the location of these asteroids in your chart, go to www. astro.com. [Free Horoscopes; Chart drawing, Ascendant – enter birth data; Extended Chart Selection – select astrodienst w asteroids; Additional Objects (at bottom of page) – select asteroid name/number list with 21, 778 names; click on Bacchus #2063 and Dionysos #3671]

Pre-recorded webinar for instant download. 

1hr. 31 min. | includes audio, video and slides

Level: Intermediate

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Bob A.
Dionysian Mysteries

Demetria does an amazing presentation- highly recommended.

Liza D.
Dionysian Mysteries - Ancient Healing Rites through Trance Dance

I enjoyed Demetra’s presentation very much! I’m intrigued with these asteroids and theirs effects, especially for individuals with the propensity for addiction. Looking forward to more in depth analysis. Much Thanks!

Debra K.
Dionysian Mysteries

As always with Demetra George, even if I've studied a topic for years, she has unique material to offer and her very informed perspective. I always learn more, useful information.

Peggy S.
dionysian mysteries

love anything Demetra does


The presentation was beyond my expectation

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