Hellenistic Astrology Primer


This beginner’s guide to the basic principles of Hellenistic Astrology will address interpreting charts in terms of modern sensibilities and perspectives.

The focus is on planetary condition ( the first steps concerning sect, zodiacal rulerships, solar phase, aspect configurations, and judgment).  Includes worked examples, reading, homework, and Q&A sessions.

Prior knowledge of planets, signs, houses, and aspect meanings recommended.

This course will better enable you to follow the more advanced techniques on your own.

Required text: Ancient Astrology in Theory and Practice, vol. 1 by Demetra George

Available for instant viewing
Instructor: Demetra George
Level: Intermediate (have a grasp of the general meanings of planets, signs, houses and aspects)

Includes bonus audio classes: Traditional Astrology 101, Planets and the Joy of Sect, Beginner’s Tutorial – Basic Concepts, Definitions, and Terminology

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I learned a lot, and appreciated the pacing. The beginning was a lot of review of the very very basics, and the way that Demetra builds on those basics is slow, intuitive, and practical. I was very excited to take this course, and I hope that she teaches one for the next volume of ancient astrology, too!

Traditional Astrology 101

This is well presented and the supporting materials are so helpful. I'm able to study at my own pace and will be able to continue to review when the class is done. It lays a good foundation for understanding the history of astrology and the variety of astrological interpretations that we have now

Hector Z.
Hector Zambrano

Demetra is a wonderful teacher. I consider myself an intermediate astrology student and I have never found an astrology instructor that is able to present complex astrological concepts in such a simple and engaging way as she does. Although I haven't finished the course yet, I'm looking forward to the second part. Reading her book: Ancient Astrology, has also been a pleasure. The book is easy to read, digestible, yet profound. I highly recommend this course- in fact any of her teachings- if you're really interested in learning a conceptually well founded and at same time practical astrology.

Susan S.
Hellenistic Astrology Primer

This class is so clear and detailed. I found it extremely helpful in regards to understanding the fundamentals in Hellenistic Astrology. Demetra is a master teacher.

Miya D.

I took this course after reading Demetra's book on Hellenistic Astrology- Planetary Condition. It was amazing to come back to the material and HEAR Demetra speak on the subjects and bring it to life. This course was particularly rewarding in that it offered new insights on the text and helped me to really absorb and retain both finer details and larger concepts. The fertile grey areas for which a simple yes or no is not apt were brought forward for greater teaching. Highly recommend.

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