Mysteries of the Dark Moon


with Demetra George

This year marks the 29th anniversary of the publication of Mysteries of the Dark Moon, and we are excited to announce the first online course about this timeless and timely teaching. The dark phase of the Moon’s cycle is a metaphor for the closure phase of any cyclic process when the life force seems to withdraw and disappear. However, it is during this secret dark time that life is renewed and once again emerges with vibrant potency. This is the great mystery held by the dark goddess in all her names.

Demetra will present an overview of the historical, mythological, psychological and spiritual perspectives regarding the dark moon phase mysteries. This will be followed by teachings on the eight lunation phases as well as the lifetime progressed lunation cycle, with special attention to the progressed dark moon phase that everyone passes through several times during the course of their lives. Reflecting upon your life as a whole, discover how what seemed like extended dark periods of loss, failure, lack of vision, or depression were actually a restoration of soul that preceded beginnings of new cycles of evolving life purpose. Natal and progressed chart data will be provided to all participants.

The second part of the course is devoted to the Dark Goddess, known as Hecate, Lilith, Kali, Oya, Medusa, Persephone, and the Black Moon, and others. As we uncover the overlays of cultural distortion and repression, we reveal the hidden sources of instinctual feminine power and wisdom within us. This archetype aligns to the fierce guardian protectors of women’s mysteries who presides over the transformative healing power of the lunar feminine. Participants will be able to determine the positions of dark goddess named asteroids and points in their charts.

Suggested texts by Demetra George: Mysteries of the Dark Moon (1992, Harper) & Finding Our Way Through the Dark (1994, AFA).

Course includes 4 live 90 minute lessons with time for Q&A, suggested reading and optional homework, and discussion forum.

Dates: August 14 – September 4
Time: Saturdays 11-12:30 pm PST (convert to your timezone)
Running Time: Approximately 90 min.
$195 (through August 10, $225 thereafter)

No need to attend live. All registrants receive copies of the recordings to download and keep. 

Live closed captioning through

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